Euba Trading was founded in 1990 and during this period of time we have been mainly working in Merchandising and in Promotional Marketing area.

At the beginning, location and selection of suppliers for each product was our aim, but nowadays, innovation and originality of the

different articles and logistic in delivering of products, as well as a detailed information to our customers in promotional campaigns is our main target.

EUBA TRADING treats its customers individually and we display them our campaigns of Promotional Marketing as unique and exclusive.

we have been w o r k i n g   f o r   y o u
We can offer you a very highly qualified staff in the field of our work.

We offer you: 250 m2 of offices and 750 m2 of store fully equipped with excellent communications in all directions (National Roads, Motorway, Railway, Airports). We also disposed a great store capacity and it is very well equipped with advance machinery for loading and unloading.
Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes y Vendedores de Artículos de Reclamo European Promotional Products Association We can undertake campaigns, not only in continental Spain, but also in Canary and Majorca Islands, as well as in Portugal, Andorra, France and Germany.

We also associated to Fivar and EPPA, who can endorse our quality and the guaranty of our services.
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